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“Chase” me to the End of Time

I saw it coming. I just didn’t expect it to take so long. Chase bank finally decreased my credit limit. The irony is it was Chase bank (formally known as WAMU) who recklessly increased my credit limit without my authorization. This I say contributed to my debt. Thanks for nothing WAMU-I mean Chase.

 In the apologetic letter they stated after “careful consideration” they are decreasing my limit for one or several of the following reasons.  One or more accounts have high balances compared to credit limits.

  1. Total available credit is too low
  2. Your hair is too brown.
  3. I’m a quarter inch shy of 5’8”.

 Personally I think the reason they are decreasing my credit limit is because I am not spending on the card. I haven’t used it in almost six months. When I used the credit card, they loved to increase, increase and increase.  But you see here is the REAL reason Chase decreased my limit.  After decreasing my credit limit will lower my credit score and thus Chase can turn around and raise my interest rates. So since I’m not spending on my card, they are losing money. But they can make it back by lowering my credit score and charging me higher interest. I’m onto their games.

Credit card legislation kicks into action in 2010, so the banks can have their way with us until.l then.  But here’s my plan, pay the minimum due until the end of days on December 21st 2012 (or as the prophesies indicate). End of the world will do away with credit card debt-WOO HOO!! I guess in that case I will be forever in their debt. I just hope St. Peter isn’t checking credit scores at the gate.