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A “Credited” Nation

Funny word, “credit,” it is a word whose meaning is trust and confidence. As much as the word credit is used, how much trust and confidence do we have in our economy, government and media; credit cards not withstanding?

Everyday we lose confidence in our economy. Daily we read about businesses closing and more layoffs, yet many are still trying to make a fast buck off the unemployed and unfortunate. Frightening that our economic structure is based on consumerism, but what happens down when consumers are not spending? How detrimental could that be to our economy and when will we realize we may need a stronger foundation for an economy?

Today credit is known mostly by a little plastic card, we Americans are obliged to carry. If we do not, we cannot be scored and therefore run the risk of not being able to buy a house or get a job. Corporations have created a credit service and regulated a credit system in which we all must use, and we are judged and graded on how we apply. There is not much need for big brother in our government, when the corporations are filling that job quite well.

Yet with all the challenges with our economy, our country and our government are bitterly divided and many are promoting divisive ideologies that promote an even greater rift between peoples. For politicians who have in the past lied, should we give them credit? In such trying times, should the goal be to promote a national unity?

But then we have the media whom is no doubt guided in their broadcasts by political ideologies and corporate sponsors. Our news has become less news worthy and more so entertainment. Despite the fact that most anchors are glorified “news commentators,” should we give the media any credibility when truths are being misled and twisted?

There was a great time in America’s history when we had a lot of credit with the rest of the world. We were looked upon as the good guys that stood up for injustices, not it seems it is our government that is promoting injustice. There was a time when we were an economic leader, now we have sold our soul to countries whose political structures were once our nemesis (communism).  Worst of all we are a divided nation with greater intention to tear each other apart instead of unifying? Nations divided can never be successful and can never achieve greatness.

I guess the underlying issues to people really care about credibility in our economy, nation and media, or are we content knowing our own personal issues and agendas are fulfilled no matter how they affect others?


Politics of Credit Card Reform

You got it! The welfare of American consumers is political, which surprises me greatly when both political parties pledge platforms to help the average American. But what is even more surprising is when one of the parties actually steps into help Americans, the other party finds great fault. Direct from the Business and Media Institute (guess what side of the credit card reform battle they’re on.) Author Jim Poor, yes-Jim Poor takes a sarcastic swing at credit card consumers and President Obama. Jim Poor; is that like calling a fat man Tiny? I can only assume that since Mr. Poor is on the side of creditors he must value wealth. The irony is just very incredibly juicy.

Mr. Poor finishes his article with this blurb, “But that begs the question – if Obama is going to save us all, why even bother thinking.” Well, heck Jim I have been THINKING for years that credit card companies were scandalously taking advantage of consumers. I honestly do not need anyone one to think for me…and besides the credit card companies are not shy about their exploitation. It says so in their fine print-“At Our Discretion.”

Let me get down the nitty gritty of the political fold here. If President Bush and the Republicans have taken the side of credit consumers they would have been brandished heroes. Wasn’t it McCain and Palin who solicited the help of Joe the Plumber to give voice to the average American, but this is the party denying average Americans rights? Isn’t this the party that gave tax breaks to the wealthiest elite while taxing heavier on the poor? Isn’t this the party who loosened regulation on the food industry that has been poisoning our children? Isn’t this the party that gave government contracts to their corporate buddies (KBR) that are killing our soldiers? That doesn’t sound like they truly support average Americans. Instead they spent most their time ruining our economy, giving power to corporations that exploit consumers, oh yeah and they tortured. Perhaps it is a good thing President Bush and Republicans didn’t not take up credit card reform who knows what they may have done to debtors. The hypocrisy here smells extremely foul.

The political fray from this is President Obama and many democrats are doing their job in protecting and serving the average American. Wait, what did I just say-our government is standing up for the little guy and not the big corporations like AIG and KBR who not only exploit Americans but kill American soldiers. How can we possibly condemn and criticize our president who is standing up for the rights of all Americans? Unbelievable-it goes to prove the true selfish and greedy hearts of others. What this negativity and criticism is all about is the Republicans trying to save their political hide because they have done nothing for the American people.

Heck Jim, personally I think it is you who should get your head out of your….and do some thinking, because you see America should be run by the people, not the corporations and certainly not by like-minded folks like you.