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Don’t use a credit card? You could be funding the wealthy.

There is so much debate today over the disparity of wealth. Roughly 1% of the population holds 20% of nation’s wealth and 20% of the top wealthy own 80% of nation’s wealth, leaving only 20 percent of the wealth for the rest of the 80% of the population. Confused? That’s their plan.

But an interesting report emerged saying that using credit cards actually supports the wealthy. No, banks aren’t just giving money to the rich…That would be wealthy welfare. No this is happening at retailers where you shop every day.

Retailers must pay credit card fees to the bank. Instead of taking the loss, retailers jack up prices to incur credit card fees. So as per the article, if you pay with cash you are helping to pay credit card fees. So even if you want to avoid credit cards you are paying for other people to use them. 

How does this benefit the rich? Well the statistics show the wealthy spend more on credit cards and more often. They use their cards to receive rewards and that’s right – cash back (what you work so hard to earn)

 So next time you’re shopping toss in a few coins for the rich and not needy to support wealthy welfare. They of course are nothing without us measly peasants.


Credit Card Companies be Damned!

Okay there I said it. I hate them! But unfortunately with the whole Fico system they are for the most part a necessity for modern life. How savvy of these companies to make their abusive service near mandatory for our existence. You may think my words harsh, but today most companies review your credit report before hiring you – bad credit, no job. Now, that makes sense.

So we have new legislation in place to protect consumers. Let the abuse continue! When checking my Chase statement yesterday, they raised my APR from 12% to 21% because, boo-hoo, market conditions.  Yes, that is what they told me. These greedy corporations ruined our economy and now conditions are not great for me.

 How can you get around this? I can close my Chase account which could reflect poorly on my credit rating. GET IT – accept their abusive raise in rates, or a negative reflection on my credit score. Screw Chase bank! After being a customer for over ten years, I closed the account.

I honestly can care little for their rationalizations or explanation. I don’t care if they need to “manage” risk. If only we, the people could do something? If only we, the people could stand up to these gluttons of Capitalism instead of being at their mercy. If only we, THE PEOPLE can take back our future from corporations.

I say anyone who received this from Chase Bank. Don’t succumb to their abuse. Close your account and take your business to a smaller bank or better yet credit union. The free market entitles us to choose where we take our business. Let’s take it to the small business.

Tax Evasion

For some reason, I found myself on the email marketing list for the online site “Money Matters.” One such topic is how to “safely” evade taxes. Ooooh, evil word taxes. We hate them! Phooey on the government and taxes. What have taxes ever done for us?

Well, for instance, taxes fund our military that we are so proud. Without taxes, our country would be less safe. Taxes go our police forces and fire departments – Men and women who put their lives at risk to save us. Tax money paid the heroes of 911 and Hurricane Katrina. Shall we deny our heroes a salary because we are too stingy and greedy? We pay taxes to schools to pay the salary of teachers. Our taxes go to Medicare, the health care for our seniors. Taxes go toward our transportation and infrastructure of our entire nation. So the question, if more and more people evade taxes for additional spending change – could we not see the overall decay of our entire nation.

Many would like to privatize most everything in our nation, our health care, infrastructure and schools. How can we as citizens of the United States trust corporations to run social programs when their main goal is profit? How can we trust the CEO of a company to care for the needs of people of the nation, when all he is concerned about is how much money is in his bank account? Have we not learned anything for last year? Greed is not good! Privatization of social programs in this country will promote a feudal system, where more and more people are living below their means and it will create an isolated elite aristocracy that will live of our labors. Hey, that’s great news for Credit corporations because then more people will have to spend on credit and go further into their debt.

It is obvious to me, that people and corporations who want to, or have evaded taxes are selfish, soulless people who care for no one but themselves. Taxes should be considered our dues to the nation we love, and the communities we live in. We should want to support each other and make it a better place for all to live, not so a few can have bigger houses. If you do not support taxes, you do not support America . And you cannot be considered a true patriot, because like our soldiers who are giving their lives to our wars, we the civilians needs to give a little bit back as well.

Playing the Credit Card Game

It seems absolutely ridiculous to me that a bank would charge fees for non-use of a credit card. That’s right, folks. That credit card sitting in your wallet that you plan to use in case of emergencies; well be warned your bank may just charge you.

Throughout my time of reading and writing about credit cards, those wise ones of credit will tell you the do’s and don’ts of credit card ownership. Use it on small purchases and then pay off every month so you can generate a higher FICO score. You see, this is a game to some people and all they care about is their score-like a card game. This is not pinochle, or bridge, or even poker. This is life for many people and the score sometimes equates to survival. The game of credit, ironically works better for people with money who can afford not to use a credit card. And it is these people making the rules for the rest of us to follow.

Now, they intend to charge us for not playing-penalized for not playing their game. Even for those responsible people who do not to own a credit card are penalized in the FICO system. Does this sound like fair and honest business practice? No other business makes money from people’s nonuse for their product. My car dealership doesn’t send me a bill for when I’m overdue an oil change. My hairdresser doesn’t charge me when my ends start to split. Think about it America -No other business profits from our lack of use.

Curiously, we wouldn’t stand for a player who cheats at cards or who breaks the rules, yet fall all over ourselves at creditor whims. Stop playing a game with those who cheat the system for profit.

Corporate Conspiracy against the American People

For many years, Lewis Black has been one of my favorite comedians. I have watched his HBO special many times, to the point I can repeat verbatim. This Sunday morning I awoke and granted it wasn’t my first thought of the day, but after being awake for an hour and sipping on my second cup of coffee, I thought of our economy.

 Our economy is based on credit and the success of economy is based on the success of the credit markets. That to me is very unnerving. How can you build an economy on credit? We virtually have an economy based on money that we borrow and don’t actually have. Scary. No wonder we have economic issues.

 In Lewis Black’s HBO special he talked about water-the essence of life. As a child water was clean and we could drink from the spigot. Now our water that comes from the spigot is not very clean and many buy they water bottled. This example has nothing to do with water, but big business. Make the water dirty that comes from our spigots so we will be encouraged to BUY water from the grocery store. Water, like other natural things (love) should be free. But we will spend a hefty price for both.

 Consumers spend what you earn. Well, the average salaries have not kept up with inflation so many people cannot get by on just what they earn. They need credit. We need credit. Let me reiterate, by keeping salaries below inflation rates, encourages people to buy on credit. Making water undrinkable that comes from you tap, encourages you to buy bottled water. In my crazy, rebellious mind, this is a corporate conspiracy against the American people. And thank you Lewis Black, I am not the only one to see this.

 The question goes out for the American consumer. Are we satisfied being patsies in a corporate conspiracy? I like many would love to spend only what I earn. I do not want to depend on the disingenuous hand of the credit lender. But what are we going to do? If we don’t use this credit, this will reflect poorly on our credit score which would make it difficult for us to get more credit when we truly need it.

“Chase” me to the End of Time

I saw it coming. I just didn’t expect it to take so long. Chase bank finally decreased my credit limit. The irony is it was Chase bank (formally known as WAMU) who recklessly increased my credit limit without my authorization. This I say contributed to my debt. Thanks for nothing WAMU-I mean Chase.

 In the apologetic letter they stated after “careful consideration” they are decreasing my limit for one or several of the following reasons.  One or more accounts have high balances compared to credit limits.

  1. Total available credit is too low
  2. Your hair is too brown.
  3. I’m a quarter inch shy of 5’8”.

 Personally I think the reason they are decreasing my credit limit is because I am not spending on the card. I haven’t used it in almost six months. When I used the credit card, they loved to increase, increase and increase.  But you see here is the REAL reason Chase decreased my limit.  After decreasing my credit limit will lower my credit score and thus Chase can turn around and raise my interest rates. So since I’m not spending on my card, they are losing money. But they can make it back by lowering my credit score and charging me higher interest. I’m onto their games.

Credit card legislation kicks into action in 2010, so the banks can have their way with us until.l then.  But here’s my plan, pay the minimum due until the end of days on December 21st 2012 (or as the prophesies indicate). End of the world will do away with credit card debt-WOO HOO!! I guess in that case I will be forever in their debt. I just hope St. Peter isn’t checking credit scores at the gate.

“How to Profit from Credit Cards”

ProfitcreditcardsWow! That was my immediate response after breezing through creditrating.com forum. Now, I’m happy people have found ways to milk the credit system, but in today’s economic climate, maybe it’s just me-maybe I am the only person in American who truly thinks it takes some rather large and heavy brass cahoneys to promote profiting from credit cards.

I think by now many of us have heard about the credit card legislation that has passed through congress and the regulations that are eventually going to be placed on credit issuers. This has come through years of over-charging interest rates, changing billing cycles and fees at their whims on people who are already burdened in debt. And especially now, when unemployment is still going to surge, our economy is still in a precarious situation and people are penny-pinching to feed their families. And some promote how to work the system in order to get rich of credit cards. Wow! It’s really all I can say.

I’m not sure what strikes the biggest nerve; the selfishness and greed or the fact we’re still not getting it. It is this kind of get-rich quick schemes and earning a buck by pushing paper and turning credits that got our country into this economic quagmire. Even after the economy has stabled after the near collapse last October, we simply cannot go back to the same practices and financial ideology that has gotten us into this situation. We simply can’t make profit from nothing any more. We are not only de-valuing money, we are devaluing our society.

Many in the credit industry criticize consumers for over-spending and irresponsibility with credit card use. To me, using credit cards as a means of profit is highly irresponsible and downright dangerous. And it is these people, who make money off credit issuers who make it bad for the people struggling in debt.

We need to understand that when we talk financial responsibility that goes for all; consumers, creditors, corporations and our government. We simply cannot profit off other’s debts and call it good and responsible. We need to call it what is-greed….and it’s not good.