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The Price of Freedom

It is a popular sentiment today to believe in free enterprise. Why the heck wouldn’t it be free, it has free description. It is “free” enterprise.  Many find it a great idea to have everything in our life be privatized. One for instance is health insurance. This is how awesome free enterprise and privatization works for the average citizen in regards to health insurance.

My doctor scheduled some pre-emptive tests for me. Today, I received a notice from the hospital that my insurance company has yet to pay for the service. If I were to not pay the hospital, they would call a debt collector and keep nagging me until I pay. To a big corporation like Blue Cross and Blue Shield this is just good business practices. Bi-weekly money is taken out of my paycheck for health insurance, yet they decided when and if they are going to pay my insurance. Somehow I do not see that as a fair exchange, but that’s the beauty of “free” enterprise.

But it doesn’t stop there, banks play high stakes gambling games with our 401K, corporations have off shore accounts so not to pay taxes, they make inferior automobiles that kill people, they have taken short cuts in food safety that is making the public sick and they have destroyed our Gulf coast. All this is done so in the name of “free” enterprise and privatization. They are self-regulated and above most laws.

I make these complaints to everyone – family and friends. And their answers are always the same, “It is the way it is. Deal with it.” Have we succumbed to the powers of the corporations? Are we going to roll over and allow them to play with our finances and health? Is this something we should really deal with?

So we may all say “free” enterprise is great, but at what cost to us – our health, our financial security, our environment? That to me is not freedom. Although I may live in a free country, I am far from free. It is the corporations gambling with my livelihood that is taking away my freedom.


Biting the Hand that Feeds You.

This was a quote from one of the comments supporting business and opposing 66/67. Yes, I understand businesses provide jobs…but businesses’ main agenda is profit…not feeding America. If business is bad, they have no problem laying people off. The day I depend on a business to feed me is the day I starve. And then there was this little rich nugget, suggesting the rich believe the rest of the people depend on their charity to survive.

If we tax the rich, they will not have the money to feed the poor.


I have left open lines intentionally as a moment of silence and thought. Here this rich people; I don’t want your charity. I want the ability to make a decent living with a good quality standard of living. Americans should not have to depend on handouts from anyone!

There has been so much talk about socialism. And honestly the people talking about it the most have no idea what it means. Gather round folks and I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time I met some Germans who talked about their government funded health care system, guaranteed college education, clean air, public transportation,…need I go on? On the other hand the Germans have one of the strongest free enterprise economies in the world with the best import/export ratio per capita. In doing some research Germans pay nearly 45% in individual taxes and corporations pay 15%. Shocking! Yet, somehow they have more disposable income then Americans. Strange, but true. So you may ask, “How can they achieve a healthy balance of social programs and free enterprise?”

Sadly Germany’s modern economy is the brain child of our late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He died before he could implement in the United States, but his former cabinet members used his economic proposal to rebuild Germany after WWII. Germany went from complete animation to an economic power in a period of 50 years. That is pretty darn impressive and speaks volumes of a social economic structure and the work ethic of the German people. Not to mention a national unity that cares for the welfare of ALL its citizens.

Otherwise here in America we have made Capitalism a religion that many worship, where Reagan is god and Goldman Sachs CEOs are his disciples. And bankers act a prophets for profit. Everyday millions pray they will one day be rich, but very few make it to heaven. Make more money at the expense of another. This is not a faith I can believe in. Riches are fleeting just as looks. And one day it will all crash…oh that’s right it already did. Our Capitalist economy almost crashed and nearly brought down the world economy.

The lesson here for everyone….businesses not only survive in “Socialized” countries, they thrive. Canada, Britain, Germany, France and of course China have highly successful corporations that are buying up America. If socialism is so bad…how do these countries have corporations that continually churn profit and have social programs that increase their overall standard of living for their people? If it is so bad, why are businesses struggling in this country with less tax burden and foreign corporations are buying American companies left and right with higher tax burdens?

The point is, here in America we think we have all the answers, when other countries “Socialized” economies are so much stronger than ours. Our dollar is weaker. Our unemployment rates are higher. Perhaps we owe it to ourselves and the future of our country to give it a second thought.

Message to “Conservative Capitalists”

Uhm…you screwed up our economy of the last eight years.

This message is in regards to a comment I read about the recession and unemployment rate, “Socialist Liberals are going to destroy the economy.” My comment is simple, the “socialist liberals” did not destroy the economy of the past eight years-that gold medal goes to the conservative capitalists.

Our stock market plunged during Bush’s reign of economic terror and it was Bush who famously started the “socialists” bail outs. You see the thing is the “socialist liberals” (as this one commentator wrote) needed to step into save us from the economic quagmire the conservatives started. I mean, really…can anyone get their facts straight.

Further more, I’d like to comment to all those who toss around the word socialist without ever taking an economics class; we already are a “socialist” nation.  What do we benefit in this socialist nation? Well for one, our military is funded by the government through our tax dollars making our military the benefit of socialism. Welfare, social security and education are also “socialist” programs.

The conservative capitalist approach to economics nearly brought down the world economy and we are being bailed out by a Communist country. (Talk about socialism, we are owned by a socialist country-China)  Most European nations operate on a “socialist democracy” and their economies are stronger than the United States and we are responsible for their failing economies. So before you get on your soap box and declare the end of socialism and liberals-perhaps you should open your eyes and mind and realize you’re owned by a socialist country.

I am a firm believer that there is a happy medium between capitalism and socialism. That middle ground will be an economic utopia. We have seen before that pure socialism can be bad, and as we have seen over the past eight years with Bush, capitalism run amuck is dangerous.  I feel anyone with any common sense and any knowledge of economics will understand. 

 But we’re not dealing here with common sense, we’re dealing with emotions. We are dealing with bitterness that a democrat is in the White House and has to save the economy from a past republican. Pride has been shattered for many. Personal greed is many people’s motive without care or consideration for fellow Americans. This is what we are battling today, not socialism. Socialism cannot  hurt us, but greed can destroy us.