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“The Man” and Corporate Power


Over the past couple years I have heard many promoting deregulating corporations and privatizing many government industries.  Don’t get involved in their business-Big Business is the answer to all America’s problems.  Many making these arguments make the claim there is too much government-cut government and get them out of the way of the corporations. Let corporations run the country and our lives will be better!

 Fox news rallied many people to protest the government and President Obama for “taxing and spending.” Fox goes for our emotions; challenges our fears until there is nothing left but to raise signs in protest and throw tea bags. CNN dazzled us with dizzying light shows. We watch like a cat watching a string-ooh cool flickering lights.

 I’m going to break this down –

  • Recently many banks have run this economy in the ground and now we, the American people are paying for it.
  • Food companies; self regulated gave themselves good grades for the FDA and many people have gotten sick and died from tainted foods. All of this so food companies can make a greater profit.
  • Our government gave billions of dollars of bail out money at taxpayer expense and then we were appalled by the outrageous bonuses from many of these same companies.  Yesterday, I learned AIG lied about the bonus, they were 4 times then what originally reported.
  • During this recession and high unemployment, Credit Card Companies started jerking with good paying customer’s accounts; raising interests and billing cycles. This was going for a long time, but now people are standing up for their consumer rights.
  • Recently President Obama has taken on many of these corporations (Bank of America) have off shore accounts, offices and evade US taxes; not to mention giving away jobs to foreigners. Just imagine-KBR (A company with a US military contract accused of electrocuting soldiers pays NO taxes, yet the average American plays about %25 of their national income. Think about it-A company killing US soldiers pays NO taxes.
  • We learned that many of these companies spent a lot of money on lining the pockets of our politicians. Visa spent $1.7 million dollars in lobbying last year and not surprising many of these companies pay money to political campaigns. Corporations giving money to politician spells corruption.

We, the American people are paying taxes to our government to get behind corporations who evade taxes. Instead of consumerism, these corporations should just take the money from our pockets.

So here is the question I ask fellow Americans. Are we okay allowing big business and corporations to run our government and run all over us? Do we want to drop our drawers and bend over for these corporations?  It is President Obama and the Democrats standing up for consumer rights. Why protest. Shouldn’t we stand behind those standing up for us?  Remember, it is the republicans standing up for the corporations.


“Tortured” by the media

All Right, I’ll be honest I spent three hours watching MSNBC and most of their coverage was in regards to the torture memos-our government’s involved in water boarding and to me most upsetting is the “walling.” The Bush administration was looking to find a link between Iraq and Al-Qaida, so since intelligence couldn’t prove a link, they tortured people into making up a link. And then no doubt playing on Fox is Dick Cheney and Karl Rove’s defense on the torture memos. It’s okay. It’s a big story. It is the story of the day and the story for the entire country. Regardless of the spin, it is a story that deemed reporting.

Some time ago I switched from CNN to MSNBC instead of being annoyed by the superficiality of Anderson Cooper’s “news” show. But after three hours of MSNBC; one hour of being screamed at by Chris Matthews, an hour of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow I had my fill of substantive news. I thought what harm could come from switching the channel to CNN?

What struck me senseless when I switched to Anderson Cooper was his lead story was the Craigslist Killer. A good 10 minutes spent on the Craigslist killer. Not a word at all on the torture memos, none-nope, no way. Now let reiterate, it is becoming apparent that our country was involved in war crimes however CNN and Anderson Cooper with their raw, honest reporting decided their top story was the Craigslist killer. And not just a report from Randi Kaye, but a follow up story on the history of sociopaths in America by Erica Hill. Yes, instead of reporting on our nation’s potential war crimes, let’s go back twenty years in history to talk about Ted Bundy. Now that’s news I heard in high school.

10 minutes of AC360 was all I could take until I turned to a rerun of Keith Olbermann, because I rather see substantive news twice then superficial and frivolous news once. And congratulations to Fox News-you have just risen above CNN with substance in the opinion of this garsh darn liberal-at least you are reporting on the torture memos.

But just when I thought I was safe on MSNBC, would you believe CNN placed an advertisement on the cable channel that broadcasts MNBC for the AC360 show. Yes, half way through the rerun of Keith Olbermann was a CNN advertisement for Anderson Cooper’s raw, honest reporting-how pathetic for CNN and Anderson Cooper. That would be like Keith Olbermann advertising his show on Bill O’Reilly air time, or Sean Hannity advertising his show on Comedy Central during the Colbert Report.

Here’s the bottom line and why we are tortured by the media-watching CNN is like banging my head against the wall and I am drowned in superficiality.  Here’s an idea for CNN, instead of pathetically advertising on your competitor’s airtime, produce a compelling and intelligent news show. You’re not raw and honest when you’re top stories are sociopaths and dimwitted beauty pageant contestants.

But I digress, the news isn’t news. It is entertainment for the audience to whom you are reporting.