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The Credit Card Revolt has Begun!

I read an article today about “feeling imprisoned by credit score.” To be honest, I didn’t even read the article. Who cares! Reading articles about credit cards these days is about as annoying as reading celebrity gossip. And, ironically, the sentiment was reiterated by all the folks commenting on the article. To paraphrase the content, “stop paying the credit cards, close them, cancel them and tear them up!” Stop giving these thieving banks our money. Wow! King Louis, I do believe the peasants are beginning to revolt.

I had thought many times, that of all the purchases I have made on my credit cards, I must have paid for them three times over in interest rates. It is sickening to me, that majority of my bills is to credit card companies. I could very well live within my means, if these credit vultures played fair and square. Why should I have to give them anymore money? I have thought about stop paying my credit cards, but like the good little consumer drone that I am; I continue to pay.

One of the comments made was that if all stopped caring about FICO and our credit score, it would make FICO and credit scores irrelevant. YES! Halleluiah! The sky has opened up and the beams of light from heaven are radiating down on me. So many people struggle so hard to maintain a good score, and for what and for whom? A good credit score really doesn’t make you any better of a human being. You know really, FICO is propaganda and scare tactics. What if the mass population of America tore up their credit scores, stopped paying their credits and said, “We’re through! We’re done with the abuse! You have taken enough of our hard earned money.”

Seriously, fellow credit consumers, what would happen if we united and stopped paying our credit cards and debunked the credit score system? I’m not an economist by any means, but I do believe it would be a huge detriment since our economy is credit based. Personally, I would welcome this upset, because then it would mean we as a nation would have to become more realistic approach to an economic structure, by actually manufacturing and producing product, not just pushing “investments”. What is it we are really investing in – our nation, our kids, our future? Personally, I feel having an economy based on credit and the stock market is a bad idea. I’ll just leave it to all the brainiacs who ran our economy into the ground.


Tax Evasion

For some reason, I found myself on the email marketing list for the online site “Money Matters.” One such topic is how to “safely” evade taxes. Ooooh, evil word taxes. We hate them! Phooey on the government and taxes. What have taxes ever done for us?

Well, for instance, taxes fund our military that we are so proud. Without taxes, our country would be less safe. Taxes go our police forces and fire departments – Men and women who put their lives at risk to save us. Tax money paid the heroes of 911 and Hurricane Katrina. Shall we deny our heroes a salary because we are too stingy and greedy? We pay taxes to schools to pay the salary of teachers. Our taxes go to Medicare, the health care for our seniors. Taxes go toward our transportation and infrastructure of our entire nation. So the question, if more and more people evade taxes for additional spending change – could we not see the overall decay of our entire nation.

Many would like to privatize most everything in our nation, our health care, infrastructure and schools. How can we as citizens of the United States trust corporations to run social programs when their main goal is profit? How can we trust the CEO of a company to care for the needs of people of the nation, when all he is concerned about is how much money is in his bank account? Have we not learned anything for last year? Greed is not good! Privatization of social programs in this country will promote a feudal system, where more and more people are living below their means and it will create an isolated elite aristocracy that will live of our labors. Hey, that’s great news for Credit corporations because then more people will have to spend on credit and go further into their debt.

It is obvious to me, that people and corporations who want to, or have evaded taxes are selfish, soulless people who care for no one but themselves. Taxes should be considered our dues to the nation we love, and the communities we live in. We should want to support each other and make it a better place for all to live, not so a few can have bigger houses. If you do not support taxes, you do not support America . And you cannot be considered a true patriot, because like our soldiers who are giving their lives to our wars, we the civilians needs to give a little bit back as well.