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In Need of an Upgrade?

It has become commericial capitalist theory to create products that often need to be upgraded. Many products are produced to last for a certain period of time to encourage consumers to buy the latest and greatest, whether it is a computer, cell phone or even a car. We build products to break down to get people to buy more. It has been the American economic way for many years.

But what about our nation, are we in need of an upgrade?  While other industrialized nations are surging forward in medicine, environmental programs and education, many in our country do not want to surge forward, they want to go backward. How will our country fair in the future if we fail to upgrade?

With our infrastructure dangerously out of date, with bridges, highways, buildings and energy grids in need of upkeep, what would happen if a crisis were to incur in our country that will cause our infrastructure to crumble? But we have to get past big business in order to make improvements. They see upgrades if it brings profit to their company not if it puts the American people at risk. To many in this country, the old mighty dollar is a lot more important than the people and the country.

 History has told us, the Romans caught up in a world of self-indulgence and decadence left the Roman infrastructure to decay. This ultimately left them in a weakened state when the barbarians came to attack. You know Capital One isn’t too far off when they elicited barbarians as a mascot, because who better to encourage decadent consumer spending then a bunch of barbarians.


Health Reform – Why give our money to insurance companies?

One of the biggest arguments against health reform is paying higher taxes to the government for health reform-Mo’ Government, bad. Well heck, I ask why do I want to give more money to insurance companies who only want to get rich off people’s illness. Personally, I’d rather give my money to the government then give one more cent to an insurance company. It breaks down like this…

 About six months ago I went on a job interview at an insurance company. I wasn’t sure what they were calling me to do, but I went anyway. When I got there I found out they were recruiting insurance salesmen. I passed onto the next round of candidates in which I had to sit through an hour and half propaganda film. The beginning outlined the benefits to be sold, and the rest was demonstrating a pyramid scheme on how to make a lot of money. That is the insurance company’s goal to get rich on the illness and misery of others, which got me to thinking about “insurance”.

 Quite a concept, insurance and I must say the person who thought up the idea of charging people for insurance was a genius. Think about getting rich on “what might happen.” You pay money to companies because you may get into an accident, a tornado may wipe out your house, or you may get sick and need a doctor. People are getting very rich in this country on possibilities, yet the irony in all this is when something does happen, you have a very difficult time getting money from insurance company.  Just ask the victims of Katrina, whom many have yet to see a dime from their insurance companies. Somewhere, they will devise a clause on how you are a not covered.  So then you think; why the heck did I spend all that money and not truly be covered. Huh? This is where reform comes in handy.

 The thing with our country’s health system is we rank 35th in the world in health coverage behind the great industrialized nation of Morocco. America, that great nation, our health care ranks behind Morocco. Gee whiz, that’s something to be proud of, huh?  But even in our insurance system, we have to apply for health coverage. We are not guaranteed coverage and many who are ill and have pre-existing conditions are turned out into the streets by insurance companies who only see American’s as dollar signs not as patients who need care. So we want to continue giving money to these people, why?

 Back to the argument of paying higher taxes, perhaps.  But here’s the catch, if we have to pay higher taxes for guaranteed health covered instead of paying a premium to an insurance company who many deny us coverage. It’s a flip, who do you trust with your money, the government whom you have the power to vote out of office, or an corporate CEO who wants to profit from your sickness?  Imagine having the likes of Bernie Madoff in charge of your health coverage. Corporate CEO’s have a great reputation these days for caring for the Average Joe. That question cannot be easier to answer; give me a Politician over an Insurance Salesmen any day. The other argument is free market competition and choice, which is still a bunch of baloney because it is still corporate CEO’s getting rich off your health and well-being.

 Then we move onto quality of health care. Of course, many claim the government health care would not be as good as what an insurance agent can offer. Really? And that “Socialized medicine” in Europe is low quality. Okay, so then why are so many Americans going to Canada and Europe for surgeries and get prescriptions filled? If the quality of health care is so great here, why do many feel the need to seek better health care overseas?

 Lastly, and I’m not sure where I heard this, but someone said the difference between Europe and American health care costs comes down to doctors’ salaries. Doctors get paid fair less in Europe. You see because being a doctor in Europe is career choice that cares for the health of the people. Here in the United States people become doctors to get rich. And once again, the issue comes down to money and greed.

 So the lesson in this-health reform for all Americans, or making profit for a few people to get richer; health and the quality of life versus, money and greed. Which do you choose America?